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Product - eSchoolGuru

Software that administrators love

eSchoolGuru simplifies school management by bringing together administrative functions and student and classroom information in one simple, easy to use platform.
Intuitive design and search reduce the time needed to complete common tasks, so administrators can quickly and easily manage courses, classes, generate reports, and monitor the status of teacher and administrative tasks.

All the tools you need

By integrating the functions of a traditional student information system (SIS) with the classroom tools of a learning management system (LMS), eSchoolGuru eliminates duplicate systems and cuts down on the time administrators need to spend navigating multiple systems.

One web based application for everyone

With one common database and configurable user security profiles, eSchoolGuru allows you to seamlessly and securely share your information with the users who needs it.
Part of the Unified Communications strategy, eSchoolGuru provides 24x7 access to pre identified information to different types of users- Students, Parents, Teachers, Accountants and Administrators.

Data Visualisation

Thoughtfully designed Analytics Dashboards provide you with easy interpretation of complex data of your institution.

Automate your school management workflow and student data processing.
Information management
A reliable platform that is likely to support all your data management requirements.
Academics Management
Empowered with configurable, standard grading systems as well as managing assignments and assessments.
Timetable and Calendar
Easily create flexible TimeTable for conducting classes as well as planned events and holidays.
Finance Management
Manage and track flexible fee structures, invoicing and payments.
Streamline communication with parents, students, and staff to save time and enhance the educational process.
Reporting and Analytics
Leverage the easiest and most accessible reporting and data analytics engine available to identify, extract, and understand your school, and student data to make smart decisions.
  •   Advanced Scheduling
  •   Assessment Tracking
  •   Assignment Management
  •   Attendance
  •   Biographical and Demographic Data
  •   Bulletin Board
  •   Calendar
  •   Course Management
  •   Curriculum Mapping
  •   Data Visualization
  •   Directory
  •   Email Communication
  •   Emergency Communication
  •   Enrollment
  •   Exam Management
  •   Fees and payments
  •   Group Messaging
  •   Leaves/Time off Management
  •   Management Dashboards
  •   News
  •   Parent/Student Portal
  •   Photos
  •   Progress Reports and Report Cards
  •   Standard Reports

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